Month: October 2018

Cannabis for The Win

Cannabis for The Win: Basketball’s BIG3 has become the first professional sports league in the United States to allow its athletes to use cannabidiol (CBD), the non-psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. CBD is a used by athletes as a natural way to recover from minor and major injuries without long-term effects or addictions. Professional athletes who work in grueling physical conditions

How to get Smooth, Glowing Skin Before the Big Day

  Whether standing by your friend’s side or prepping for your own nuptials, getting ready for a wedding day takes tremendous patience and a lot of organization. You can pin, plan, pick and choose your way through every detail, but some things tend to slip through the cracks. Caring for your skin from head to toe can be one of

Serum 101: What is Serum, Face Serum Benefits & more!

One of the more confusing skin care products on the market are serums.  People are generally confused about what serums are and how and when to use them as part of their skincare routine. What is Serum? Serums are generally water-based liquid or gel products that feel lightweight on the skin.  They differ from moisturizers not only in their consistency